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Duck Head

A novel protein choice, duck head is a great high-protein treat to try with your pet.  Dehydrated Duck Heads might be a bit more adventurous than you might feel comfortable with, but it’s truly using the whole animal! This treat crumbles rather easily but your pooch will likely lick up every crumb! Each duck head is approximately 80% bone and 20% meat and sinews.
Country of origin: Canada
Safety Information

Safety Information

Always supervise your dog when giving any chew or treat. This treat may not be suitable for all dogs. Be aware of small or broken pieces and remove them to prevent any potential chocking hazard. Consider the age of your pet, health, current diet and use at your own discretion. Please note that our dog treats, chews and bones are NOT for human consumption. Store treats, chews and bones in a cool and dark place and wash hands after serving.